Questions about Mixing Process (Teezio)

I got some questions for Teezio,

  1. I noticed that you swapped out your unfairchild in your rack, for two vlc eq’s, and i was wondering since you didn’t talk about it, how you would use them in a mix?
  2. can you recommend a good plug-in alternative to the chickenhead compressor, since i don’t have the apb?
  3. on ivan’s instagram i saw you talking about your mix bus processing and you said that you use gold clip into orange clip, but on “freak” you used orange clip only. I guess it is case by case for you then?
  4. on top of the mix session i saw a lot of inactive tracks, which im guessing is the recording session/template?! My question is how do you go about importing the recording session and files into the mix template?
    Thank you