Bedroom Pop Mix Feedback

Hi there,

I recently finished a new song, titled “Restless”. Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Logic Pro X. It features acoustic guitar, clean electric guitar, electric bass, felt piano, and mellowtron.

Any feedback or suggestions for this or that I could use for future work is appreciated.



Hey Graham!

After listening to your mix, I noticed the reverb in the vocals being too muddy a bit. You could be using an eq to cut the low end on the reverb and control the mids and highs so the vocal remains clear on the mix!

Other than that good job, sounds great!

Thank you for the tip! I hadn’t considered that. I’ll try it!

Hi Graham…Try going the other way…super dry in your face…tell the story…the reverb kills it !! CLA


Thank you! I’ll give it a shot!