How was your pre-prod as a team?

hey Laura and Oli,
it seems from Jack’s comments in this series, and in A&W’s series as well btw. that the recording style was creatively set and was to be prominent from the start and that the artists’ roll with it (or maybe they fought you all the way through lol idk). and that it was to be discovered through playing to a certain extent (like the detuned guitar in A&W, and this non-cellist cello session here). and in turn tinted all decisions throughout the arrangement and the mix. would love to hear if you recall your pre-prod approach as a team to be all aligned in aiming for that tone. thanks, i appreciate you doing this Q&A

Hey this is a great question. With A&W, the writing and production were done simultaneously, so the song came together organically while following the sounds that excited everyone in the room. With POTB, our pre production from an engineering standpoint was more technical, where we were mainly facilitating experimentation in the room.