Leslie Brathwaite feedback, popsong "Part of you"

Hi Mr Brathwaite,
I’d be delighted if you could give a feedback on a song produced, mixed and mastered some time ago. I think this is a good (or ok) mix but it would be nice hear what i can do better…!
Thank you in advance!
Dick Fernstrom

this is the best SONG I’ve heard all day!!! Love this! the mix is great…2 small things…I would brighten it up overall just a touch to add a splash of excitement and I would bring the lead vocal up just a touch! Really good!

Wow!! Thank you Mr Leslie Brathwaite!
I’m really glad you liked both the song and the mixing!
Have to say a big part of my mixing is a result from being inspired and taught from your (and Mr Jaycen Joshuas) work/videos here in MWTM.
Thank you for your answer, and for sharing your work in general. Your sharings are truly huge “result-enhancers” for all of us!

Best regards
Dick Fernstrom