Leslie Brathwaite Feedback Trap

Hello Leslie Brathwaite

I am a sound engineer from Ukraine, Kyiv, I am 19 years old, I am very inspired by you and your work, I dream of meeting you someday and working together. The sound you make is a great discovery for me and I am very grateful to you for sharing the tricks and techniques you use, and also for being ready to give feedback on your work, this is very valuable. I want you to listen to my mix, this is trap in Ukrainian, we are now working hard on this mix.

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This sounds REALLY good. I love everything about it. The bass is hitting just right. the top end sounds good. it feels great. And I Love the song itself! Great Work!!! I want to download and put on my playlist!!!

Leslie, your feedback has brought great happiness to my home, thank you very much, the song will be released soon, I will attach a link here. Please tell me if there is any way to keep in touch with you, either by Instagram or email, I would be very interested in this opportunity