Leslie Brathwaite In-progress Mix Feedback Request (pop/90s rnb?)

Hey Leslie,

Hope you’re doing well. I was literally taking a break from working on this and saw the MWTM email about the feedback takeover, and while I normally I wouldn’t post something for feedback, you’re probably one of the best people anywhere to help out with this one, so here it is.

Basically, this is a collab at a writing camp with another producer and another writer from a couple months ago with a makeshift setup, and just started to finish it now.

I only have a handful of stereo stems for most tracks of the song, including just one track of drums, bass, most instruments, most vocals, etc. so I am limited in what I can control. I am the singer on the track, and have been adding some vocals, guitars, keys, etc to flesh it out, but this is out-of-genre for me as an artist and mixer.

Any thoughts or feedback would be much appreciated!


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I would double check to make sure all the BGS were tuned well, and if they are pan em out and raise them up a bit in the hook and pre so the melody is carried a bit more. I like the rawness of the mix. it feels good

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Hey Leslie, thanks for listening. I only have a stereo for the BGS right now, but I’ll get the breakout tracks and definitely incorporate those ideas. I appreciate your time and insight, and for you doing this for the community! :pray: