Mastering jazz and time management

Hi, Chris! First of all, I want to thank you for your work and teaching activities!
I’m recording/mixing engineer, recently I started studying mastering (for me it unexplored spaces:). I work in studio with good acoustic and Genelec 1032 and Auratone monitors. So, my first question about jazz mastering. Now I mixing classical jazz band (drums, bass guitar, vocal, clarinet, piano and electric guitar) and then I’ll need to master this song. What can you advice about mastering this music style? What are the important aspects of mastering jazz?

My second question is about time management. How do you plan your day? How much time do you devote to work? Where do you find constant inspiration and a fresh perspective on music?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes and regards,

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For me Jazz is a form of music that is mostly played with analog instruments so there’s an area of “space” that i feel needs to be considered. Generally i focus on developing that space as opposed to level or direct impact. Dynamics in all forms of music is key to really feel the way it’s played and therefore i’m not going to spend any time trying to make it “competitive” level wise . just try and enhance the vibe and keep everything clean.

So my day is planned by my manager Liz. At Sterling we have our own software that handles scheduling , upload and download reporting , billing and almost everything you would need to manage a studio. I basically show up and start my day with a list.
Now how do i handle my workflow and stay fresh is another story. I like to take breaks to reset myself when i change projects. That could be anything from getting something from the kitchen or going to our garden and taking a few breaths. My day generally consists of all different genres so it’s definitely hard to just sit and go from song to song and try and stay sane lol. whenever i feel stuck i know its time for a break.
i also like to listen to songs i like that i didn’t work on in the morning for some musical inspiration.
Hope that helped ,


Hi! Thank you for advises!

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