Modern Punk mix - Leslie Brathwaite feedback

Hi Leslie I have this mix I’ve been working on back and forth for a year now and I can’t seem to get it where I want. I think my main problem is the distorted guitars. Listening to some old The Strokes songs their guitars are well placed, clear and sits very comfortable in the mix. I feel like the guitars in my mixes usually ends up being messy and grains up the sound image, making it uncomfortable to the ears. Would love to hear your feedback on the whole mix and your tips.

The song:

I actually love where you have the mix and I think my only comment is in line with what is bothering you…The guitars in the hooks, that lead guitar, feels loud and competing with the vocal…I would reverse their positions, guitar down, lead up. That should do the trick. Everything else sounds amazing. working on it for so long, you may have lost perspective a bit, but it sounds good as hell!

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