MONO vs Stereo hip hop Drum track outs

I would like to get your opinions which do you perfer to mix mono or stereo tracked out drums!

I have tried both, it seems like i get more room and space to place other tracks with mono track drums, but with stereo track drums I get more feel, depth and richness, but I loose dat space and room. Just curious to know the take of someone with the experience and success you have had on this. Thanks!

it really just depends on what’s best for the track in question. mono sounds good in some scenarios and stereo sounds good in others. Most often, however the files were originally delivered is how I proceed.

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Thanks Leslie! Can you advise what you most commonly receive from charting music producers/beatmakers? I’m a beat maker/producer as well.

It really varies. Sometimes I get stereo files, sometimes mono. typically drums and bass are in mono, keyboards, synths, strings, etc are in stereo


Thanks so much… I recently been experimenting with using mono kicks in my mixes and seems to gel the mix better. However, I need to try the bass as well, because when I do the kick only, it’s challenging to balance that a stereo bass with it sometimes. However, I get what you saying, stereo can work as well, it just depends on the track. Just good to have some type of scope on if I’m hearing things right and heading in the right direction. Thanks again for your time!