Party's Over Ft Zaafir- Leslie Brathwaite Feedback on Mix

Zaafir · Party's Over- Review Track MWTM

I think this is how we post for feedback from Leslie Brathwaite? Im unsure. I’m self recording and mixing artist, looking for all opportunities to grow, I would love feedback would love feedback on the mix from your perception what missing and what you would like to hear more from it.

Thank you for your time!


I like the vibe. I think I wanna hear more clarity in the vocals. Even tho it has a lo fi vibe, I want to really hear and feel the words. Its not bad now, just a bit more clarity which can be achieved with just high end eq on the vocals. I personally like the UAD Precision EQ. Try that.

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Thank you for your time and feedback, I’m going to give that a shot tonight