Questions for Jaycen Joshua

Hi Jaycen,

Thank you for the information you are sharing with us and creating this community where we can ask questions. I have a few…

  1. Do you still use references when you mix? If so, what are your favorite songs to reference?

  2. How do you curate your day so that you are able to get in workouts and manage your physical fitness?

  3. How do you feel about Dolby Atmos? Should it be something we consider adopting?

  4. How did you start the conversations about getting points on records or was that offered to you by the artist?

  5. If someone is looking to have a career in mixing, but works full time to support their family, do you have any suggestions on how that person could have the conversation about landing an runner position without turning off prospective mentors?

  6. if you have mixes on an album where another mixer is mixing song, for example Ella Mai “Heart on my Sleeve,” is Manny Marroquin hitting you up or vice versa, to listen to what’s been done so far so you all can stay in the same sonic space?

  7. If you’re away from the studio, which headphones are you picking up to mix with?

That’s all I got…for now :wink:

Thank you so much again for your time and knowledge!