Reverb settings on vintage verb (and other reverbs)

I noticed, that you have your vintage verb most of the time set to a pretty close to standard setting. Are you going to change that more dramatically from time to time? On the one side the decay, which I think on Songs like Angel Numbers has to be way higher, isnt it? (I am especially interested in your reverb settings on that song) And something that surprises me even more is, that you have your filters set on standard, so everything from 10hz and above will be in your reverb signal. How is this not cluttering up your mix? Because I find that when I am not going to filter my reverb tails at least below 250hz or sth, the reverb will just dull my mix down.

yes some of my reverb settings are pretty close to default becuase i actually blend diff verbs to create a sound. i usually mix the vintage verb and the 7th heaven and add raum for the big big verb. i dont focus too much on the numbers i do it by feeling as far as the cuts there are def times where i have to eq my verbs i would say 50 percent of the time or a little more. specifically on freak theres not much verb being used since its a rap song but if i dont hear anything wrong i keep it moving