Sat on mix buss

Hi Tchad!

I’ve watch on your videos you use great amount of sat on your master buss. That works great on slow/mid tempos. What about fast tempos, do you keep your master buss sat amount (masterderk, phoenix, studer, satin)? How do you dial on that situations?

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Studer, Phoenix, Satin and Inflator settings very rarely change. I use levels into them to control the colour. I’m coming into the mix buss at very low level so each one of those plugins are adding just a little of their colour. The SSL is limiting 3-4db at the most…usually… and the ML4000 shows no gain reduction on the meter but I can hear it. It’s also bringing the level up as is the Inflator. t


Hello, Tchad. That is, you choose the color of the devices on the master bus before the mix and correcting them during the mix?
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They’re usually all there and on from the beginning. How hard I hit each one level-wise changes the saturation. I may take one out if I don’t like what it’s doing but thats rare.


Thank you for answer

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