Small room acoustic advice

hello John

I just moved and unfortunately I only have a small space available for my studio at the moment.

The spatial dimensions are as follows:

Length 4.20m

Width 2.52m

Height 2.40m

The monitors I have are the ATC SCM pro 25 mk2.

I want to try to get the best out of this space. I am very grateful to you for valuable information. By the way, the Rue Boyer Studio is by far the most beautiful studio I’ve seen :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and answer.

Greetings Ivan

You are a perfect candidate for ROCS program - geometric optimization, that is coming out shortly form REDIacoustics. We are trying to offer this via MwtM programming. You are certainly not alone in your request. See question # 1 in this forum - reasonable advice. What you need is an optimum speaker placement and listening position relationship. Ivan - send me your email - we can chat off line about this, also will need to know some info about the construction of your walls, The nature of the construction effects the “admittance” of the boundary, and has quite a large influence on the LF characteristics during such an optimization.

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Hello John
Many thanks, attached my email address: