Treating Room for tracking drums and vocals

Hi! I recently had an Amish barn dropped on my property so I wouldn’t have to work out of the living room anymore. I want to be able to get great drums and vocals recorded.

I have Audimute peacemakers in the walls. The room is 14x24 with a loft over half of it. Vaulted ceilings. Half of the room is 18 foot ceilings. Under the loft is 8ft ceiling. There is a small bathroom in the corner under the loft.

Anytime I record drums there is a lot of unwanted high frequencies from the cymbals.

I like to record vocals in the room. No booth

Any suggestions on how to make it sound best?

I have attached images if that helps

Thanks so much for the feedback!

Studio Pics

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Hi Keith,

You have such a nice studio. I can see some foam panels which is a good start to get rid of the high frequencies that bother you. Regular carpets and curtains will help you as well.

You’re probably getting a lot of early reflexions particularly under the loft. Wooden diffusors will help spreading them, furthermore they’ll absorb some very high frequencies (depending on the kind of wood you pick).

With the configuration of your room, you could try to make a drier space under the loft and to keep the other part of the room more live. This way you could set your drum kit in the dead part to get less early reflections, and place some room mics in the other part to get more breath and air.

What do you think?



@John_Storyk would probably have better advices on that question.

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the audimute has little to no effect on your internal room acoustics.

not sure why - most likely uncontrolled first reflections - probably corrected with better placement or gobos

use gobos - sometimes rug underneath mic stand and vocalist - also

studios looks interesting - should be able to get desired acosutics with better internal room materialization

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Thanks for taking the time to respond! I really appreciate it. This is very helpful. Thanks!