A800 settings and real gear advantages

Hi Leslie, always love watching your videos!

I am wondering if you know of any particular settings on the UAD Studer A800 or settings that you find yourself going to on a regular basis? for individual tracks or for the master out.

Also do you think there are many advantages for mixing with real gear, my view on it is that the emulations have gotten so good that at the end of the day when a listener listens they wont tell if something is more ‘analogue’ then other songs that use the real gear

Appreciate you taking the time to answer this,
Thanks, Sid :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten to a place where I prefer the plug ins instead of real analogue gear. Things just sound so good now. There are those that disagree and say things like vinyl sounds better or gear is warmer, but I disagree. …As far as settings, that would be relative to the actual sound. In a lot of cases the default position is a good starting point.

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