About HEAT Settings

Hi! Would you explain about HEAT settings?


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HEAT is adding that drive and harmonics that I lost when I made the transition from the board into the box. The algorithm is actually modeling specific pieces of hardware based on the settings. You can read more about it here, starting on page 1057 (1087 in the pdf):

My settings are: Prefader for all drums and music, bypassed for all vox and my print track. Two clicks to the left on Drive, Two clicks to the right on Tone.


is there any alternative plugin for HEAT?

I use Reaper and the closest I found is TBPro Audio GSatPlus but I don’t know what settings matches your settings on Heat

On the latest TBPro Audio GSatPlus, there is a preset called HEAT that matches the Pro Tools Heat setting Joshua uses.

@Fabio_Gervasoni are you sure about it?

I searched reddit and found out that HEAT preset on the latest GSatPlus matches 3 o-clock Drive, 9 o-clock Tone on the HEAT.

Jaycen said Two clicks to the left on Drive and Two clicks to the right on Tone. So, I think they are different

@Jaycen_Joshua do you know anything about GSatPlus or any other alternative?

You are right, they are not like for like but to my hears the differences are pretty subtle after comparing it directly with the actual Heat settings in Pro Tools (only had the one month trial of Ultimate unfortunately… )

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