CLA Mix Feedback – Angelo Boltini // Bloodflow

Well, this is a great opportunity to jump on!

I often mix my own songs (like this one) or productions where I play part or all of the instruments. Since I get so attached to my work, I find it super hard to not run in circles all the time. Your mixing style is super-fast. Apart from experience, or outsourcing mixing, what could you recommend for this?

On a more musical level. I’m looking for a good combination of acoustic and electronic elements, like in this song. How do you go about making these live in the same world?

Many thanks,


Hello Angelo ! as a producer , song writer…yes its hard to let go and look at it from the outside… the shaker is way too loud the groove doesnt feel right…you have blend the top element inside more…kick and snare too low…if the put the hh or shaker in the center it would be less distracting …the mix sounds your trying to impress people with all the effects…thats wrong…your losing the melody and the song…too much time mixing…make the song work…not the effects and crazy sounds…CLA