CLA Mix Feedback - Classic Rock

Greetings to the community and the CLA.

First of all, thanks to Mix with the Masters for this opportunity.

This recording is an unreleased song. I did the composition, lyrics, arrangement, mixing and mastering.

I’m not a professional but I have a goal to improve myself in this field in 2024 and therefore feedback is very valuable for me :metal:t3:


Hello Erdem ! lets start with making it wider rhythm gt is back to far in the mix…use the stereo spectrum…its mostly kick and vocal…lets hear the res

Hello CLA. Thanks you for your comments. I have very limited opportunity to get personal feedback because there are no engineers around me to criticize, thank you very much for your time.

I always avoid to hard pan for rythm guitars. However, now I did it… Also slightly added distortion and overal imager to create a wider space…

But, I still can not achive enough depth and stereo layers in my mix. Do you think that should I use some mid/side technics especially on drums?