CLA Mix Feedback - Country

Hi everyone, Chris!

Very excited to share my work for feedback, am not very experienced as a mixer yet but the learning process has been very enjoyable so far. Produced, played on, mixed and mastered this track myself, ready to hear the good, the bad and the ugly :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hey Steven!

I don’t want to step in front of Chris, but I listened to your mix this morning and my computer. Loved it so headed out to the studio. Got you up on the mains here. Great song, great mix, really smooth, man!

On the constructive side, the intro bit me a tiny bit in the 4K region on that opening. This interface only gives me one pass, so it’s going to be difficult to pin point stuff for you. During the breakdown, I was looking forward to hearing the compressors let go, and get really intimate, before exploding back up into them. That didn’t happen. For my taste, I’d like to hear a little less overall compression, especially during those softer parts. Not saying it’s wrong, it’s a taste thing.

Seriously respectable work here! Love it!


Hi Brad, appreciate you taking the time to respond!

I agree the upper mids can be too bite-y, I noticed Chris is not afraid with his SSL mid boosts but I may have gone a bit too far with those.
Automating the compression is not something I’ve incoporated but will look into it, great tip! Currently just running the mix into CLA Mixdown and limiters for compression.

Hey Steven ! Here are my thoughts…
Drums are the issue…The kick sound like a bad sample the attack is a flam every time…too much compression on the drums…toms are a little small…dont hear the cymbals … because the kick has too much sustain the bottom end of the mix is not tight…if your using samples i would fix that…vocals…for me little to clean…maybe a slap or a bit more compression on the lead vocal …guitars all good are they panned hard left and right ? could be wider CLA