Clipped Kick Sound & Bluetooth Earbud CODEC problems

Hey Chris! I have two questions for you. First, if you listen Pop Smoke Invıcible, It has this clipped and pushed kick sound. I strongly believe in sound selection, but if ı want to achieve this sound with a more clean kick, should ı clip it or use a tape on its channel or should ı use it on drum bus. Or is it possible to achieve this with using tools on the whole mix. I would love to learn the tool and where it generally used to achieve this. Second question is, ı realised that sometimes when ı listen my mixes on bluetooth earbuds which are using SBS codec, the hihats are changing and having a lot of artifacts if they are stereo. When ı switch to AAC codec, it fixes the top end artifacts. I realise that when ı clip my whole drum bus and use panman on hihats, generally this problem occurs. Do you know how ı can translate it better to these earbuds? Any info that ı can use? Thanks so much.