Creating Depth - Early Reflections, Reverb, Delay, Psychoacoustics

Jaycen, this question is for you because I saw in some of your videos that you use the waves plugin “TruVerb” to create early reflections and push sounds either back in the mix or more forward and give them a sense of space. This is something I find very important in mixing and I’ve been able to achieve it using simple reverb. However, I think you have figured out a simple practical way using this plugin, can you elaborate more on this plugin, what features you like most about it and how you use it? Also, you talk a lot about using the PS22 plugin, is that another plugin that you use to create psychoacoustics and sense of space? Thank you


Ahhhhh TrueVerb the slept on Plug in… Well early reflections are just that and True Verb makes it so easy to navigate. The parameters are so simple and easy to use… Remember we are only using the ER to give us the distance between the desired sound and the listener NOT the size of the room…. With its visual controls you can easily slide your sound to its desired distance.