Drum tuning thoughts

Hi all! Let’s talk about drum tuning for any styles. What are your approaches for tuning your drums? By the tune bot or not? Do you tune all drums for keys or you don’t put your attention for it? I always try to tune by Tune Bot in fourth, fifth or thirds between each drum. Also I take fundamental frequency (let’s call it x-frequency:) and tune batter head: x-frequency x 1.2 and resonant head: x-frequency x 2.3. I think it will be very interesting and helpful to talk about your approaches)

I never tune drums unless something is bothering me. If whoever is producing it picks sounds that work together, or your drummer knows what they’re doing, there shouldn’t be a need to tune really. It’s about what feels right to me, not so much what is harmonically “correct”. My drummer barely tunes his kit unless something bothers him and it always sounds great :man_shrugging: