Production drums and electric guitars sounds in rock

Hi, Andrew!
When you work on project as a producer, how do you approach to creating drums and electric guitar sounds? How do you decide what type of drum sound (tuning, sustain, overhead sound, room sound, etc) to use in this particular song?On electric guitars, how do you decide which AMP or stack to use? Have you got any classification of types of electric guitars AMPs sound, which you start from?

Hey, sorry I didn’t see this sooner!

My basic answer is that it’s all dependant on the song/arrangement and what everybody else is playing. I will start with the drum kit and guitars how the players want to set them up. I usually have enough drum mics that I can re-balance and/or crush something or whatever to make the drums work, but occasionally will ask for changes. Usually tom/snare tuning or cymbal choices.
For guitars I really don’t try and dictate what sounds to go for, I just make sure they work with everything else. I can help dial in the amp a bit, maybe check out different pickups or move microphones closer or further from the speaker, but generally just tweaking what’s there.

Thank you for answer!