Gainstaging Levels

First of all, great video and great insights inside your workflow. I have one question regarding your gain staging, because I noticed, that on your mix bus plugins, the levels are pretty hot. How loud are you going to hit the mix bus before even processing on it? Especially on the god particle, the input is already over 0. And also I am interested in your gain staging concerning your levels of the tracks inside the session, so how loud you are going to level i.e. the kick before applying processing on it. I think there are different approaches to it, because I notice many engineers are going for around -14 to hit their plugins, and others just dont give a shit about that. Would be really interested in how your sight on this is.

i try to start with my kick around -15 /-14 and start to build and push up from there. as long as ur not distorting or fucking something up in the process your good. i try to care less about what volume im hitting a pluggin and just ask myself “does this sound good” ? alot of people get caught up with the technical stuff too much sometimes and they forget to have fun


Hi! -15 Db RMS, or Peak level or LUFS?

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Yes i am talking about LUFS

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