Grundman Mastering EQ Bandwidth and AD converter noise shaping

Hi Mike!

The Grundman mastering consoles sound really fantastic and it really shows in your work.

Would you happen to know the bandwidth or Q of the EQ’s there? Are they a fixed Q or are you able to select how narrow or wide the EQ slope will be?
Speaking of shaping and slopes… do you use any of the shaping options/functions in the Lavry AD converter?

Thank you and my best wishes to you.

Hello Phil,

The console in my studio has 24 separate frequency options ranging from 20Hz on the low end to 30kHz on the top. They have a broader fixed Q. All consoles are built and maintained in house by our amazing tech team.

With the Lavry Savitr, I don’t use any noise shaping but I do vary the soft saturation options. In the past using the older AD 122-96 I would play with the noise shaping a bit along with soft sat.

Thank you for the kind words, we take great pride in the sound of our equipment.