Pultec setting on the master buss

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Hello Chris,
So wonderful of you to answer our questions, thank you!
I have seen on your videos how you use the Pultec EQ on the master buss. I remember you saying the Pultec you have is a mastering (or at least different) version of the more standard EQP1a and it has slightly different frequency points to choose from etc.
What I can’t get my head around is how you can have the bass boosted so high, to 5 (correct me if I’m wrong!) as that is what it appears to be on the videos.
When ever I try to boost past 2 or 3 I have way too much low end and its quite unusable, even when no other EQ is used on the mix.
Do your Pultecs have a much more gentle boost than standard or does your console strip a lot of low end so that this boost is required? (I have heard some SSL consoles can take away some bottom end?)
I am using plugin versions but have tried Apogee, UAD and Waves versions of the EQP1a, all with the same results.
I get a great sound I enjoy with plenty of bottom end but with the bass boost on 1.5 at 100hZ. Any more than that and it becomes a boomy mess.
Do you have any insight as to why this may be?

Thanks so much,

Hello Nigel ! Well yes the buss eq is a big part of the sound for sure !~ Im +4 at 70 and +4 at 3K shelf the are EQM-1S3 MASTERING EQ’S but i use them after my buss compressor and it works for me…try some hardware !