How to not take things personally

Hi Andrew,
How did you learn to not take things personally (like mix-critics)? Any things you wish you had known when you started?

One approach is to mix to your own taste and let people pick you for it. Is that the way to go from the beginning? Any pitfalls?

Thank you for your contribution!


Hi Harro,

I’m the wrong person to ask about that! I take all mix notes much too personally when I first get them.

There are very few artists who say something positive before giving you the mix notes (which by their very nature are negative) so it’s hard, but the good thing is that if they hated everything about it you’d be fired, so they must like something to want to have you continue.

The real question is how do you deal with it. Usually I can get over it pretty quickly but if I get stuck there’s a technique called de-fusing which can help break the cycle of obsessing on something. Plenty of videos on Youtube that demonstrate the technique.

As far as people who aren’t actually involved in the project, while you might want them to like it, it’s really none of their business. They can decide whether or not they want to listen to it and that’s that.