Thoughts on mixing?

Hey man!

Ive been going hard on learning mixing as well as mastering.
As for mixing tho, what would be the best approach on making things sound more in pocket if theres any real secret to it.

Im learning alot about seperating everything into different auxes but is there a better way to make it feel like the vocals are more in the mix rather then just trying to hover over the instrumental so to say?

I watched all your mixing classes on mix with the masters but in my head theres gotta be a better way to bring out the vocals to make em shine and be upfront.

Ps. Thank u for reading. Definatly wish we could work together and hope to learn all i can from every mixing engineer.

I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. If you’ve watched my videos, you’ve pretty much seen my techniques on vocals…it seems as if you are asking if there are other techniques that I haven’t shared on videos.

Yes sorry thats what im asking.

I did not go to school for engineering as i should have said before.
To me looking from the outside and trying to figure it out ive always thought there was always a deeper secret behind the scenes but to your point i may have been mistaken on over thinking a simple process.
Ive been taking in online courses and been practising day in and day out like the Russ effect.

I just was hoping to open that curtain if there was more to it but you have made it pretty simple as it should be other wise.

A good mic, great interface, great room and just simple technieques in the DAW.

yep…pretty much. For me, there aren’t any secrets. I approach with a very simple mindset and make thing sound the best I can