How to red book and add flags to a mix for distribution?

Hello Randy, love your work! Occasionally when I mix for clients, they tell me that going to a Pro mastering engineer is not in the budget, and I am asked to provide tracks that are ready for distribution as if they were professionally mastered. What would I need to do to provide redbook standard flags, Meta data, ISRC codes, etc, so that I can confidently send finished master files down and dirty to them if need be?
Any software out there that makes it easy and that keeps the files sounding good?
My mixes are already loud and proud, so it’s really about making sure the technicals are all correct.
Much thanks for sharing your expertise here!

Hi Mix,

Thank you! I use Magix Sequoia for mastering and it also allows for embedding ISRC’s in the exported wavs. ISRC’s need to be obtained by the client. In the U.S. they can go to website and apply for a registrant code if they don’t already have one. Once they have a registrant code, they can create their own ISRC’s based on the recommended guidelines, Thankfully, adding this data in Sequoia doesn’t change the sound of the recording.

Best Regards,