Printing mixes and Masterbus output

Just hoping you could touch on what kind of metering you are using on the output stage and what your target output levels are to print before mastering.? I know certain media like streaming services have target levels. Are you printing multiple mixes for the different forms of media before mastering or just printing one and having the mastering engineer make those decisions? Also just wanted to say I am a huge fan of your work and I just think your the bees knees. :wink:

Hi Nathan! Thank you for writing in.
My Dorrough stereo meter plug-in shows the buss level around -12 as I print reference mixes for client approval. I use an Izotope Ozone Maximizer to bring up the level to hit just under the red. Just past the click, right in the slot (Trailer Park Boys humor). I’ll listen carefully to make sure the mix hasn’t lost depth or gotten crispy before sending it out.
After the client approves the mix I’ll take off any stereo buss compression (including the maximizer) and print the file for mastering. This usually reduces the level. The mastering engineer will finish the platform spec.

So I typically deliver two versions: one for client approval, and one for mastering.