Influence, creativity, hip-hop schools

Hi, Jahaan!

  1. Which songs did have the greatest influence on you, for your musical vision?
  2. What would you recommend to develop creative thinking for music production?
  3. Is old school hip-hop the method to creation or just the chronological interval?
    Regards, Vlad.

1.) I don’t believe particular songs had an influence on my musical vision. More so particular people, or musical eras. I was always more a fan of an artist or an era of music, ranging from J.S Bach to Drake. All of the artists and creators I liked had an influence on my musical inspiration. Not just one song or a few songs.

2.) To develop “creative thinking”, I would just recommend using whatever inspires you most. For me, inspiration normally fuels creativity.

3.) I normally try to let whatever inspires me fuel my method of creation. Sometimes I hear a song and want to create something with the same energy…sometimes I’m practicing a piece of music and the theory of it can inspire me. It’s case by case, day by day honestly. I try not to allow myself to be boxed into one way of creating.

Hi! Thank you for answers!