Inputs and groups delay settings

I understand trying to put so much information into a short video could be a bit of a challenge. Would you mind expanding a little bit on your approach and goals for setting up delay settings for inputs and groups?

Hello ! The fact of mixing and adding in inserts on the channel inputs and on the console groups of plug ins such as Waves and UAD, creates latency. The latency compensation of the live console and the waves and UAD modules is not perfect. I recalculate the latency of each input channel and group using analyzer software such as Smart or Flux. I do it at a final stage of my mixes towards the end of my rehearsals, at the start of the tour,‚ĶThen I take as a reference the track or group which has the most latency and I compensate for all the other slices and busses on my ‚Äúreference‚ÄĚ track by delaying them to obtain the same delay values ‚Äč‚Äčon absolutely everything,. If the reference inputs channel is 3 milliseconds late and for example my battery bus is 1 millisecond late, I delay my bus by 2 ms. The end result is very effective for the energy and clarity of the mix‚Ķ because the calculation of the latency of live consoles is a compensation‚Ķ we can also apply this in Protools

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