Tracking vocals while mixing

Hey Stuart, you touched on being able able to track vocals while in ‘mix mode’ This is something I always find tricky, not so much because of the headroom problem, but because of latency. I find if I’m deep into a mix and I’ve got big plugin chains running live, bussing etc… the minute I arm a mic, it’s got mad latency in the headphones. I have a couple of workarounds for this, none of which are ideal, but I’m able to just about do it. My system is Native based and this might be part of the issue. How are you dealing with this problem. Or are you using so little processing that it’s never an issue?


Gavin Goldberg

Ah, sorry just saw the last segment where he talks about the latency issue! I will generally deactivate my master fader which is usually the biggest culprit for adding latency, and I find that once the artist is on the cans they don’t really notice the difference. Or sometimes I might mention what I’ve done if I think they’ll understand (as opposed to confused stare!). But I do sometimes have issues with uncommitted chains especially when creating more creative things involving pitch, for example.