Is Hardware Dead?

Hey Randy,

Some great questions and answers here, thank you!
I know my question might look like a typical Gearspace topic lol, but seriously wanted to get your thoughts on the future of mastering hardware.
As someone in your position receiving top-of-the-line mixes, do you feel there will ever be a need to use hardware in the future?

Thank you

Hi Matt,

My pleasure. I don’t think hardware is dead. There are plenty of ME’s making great sounding records using hardware. I prefer working digitally because of the finer increments and control over coloration I find working in the box. But it’s not to say that it’s fun mastering with a mouse. Some people enjoy the tactile nature of using hardware. I used to enjoy it too. But for me the advantages of working digital outweigh the disadvantages. Hope this helps.

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Some hardware still sounds amazing compared to ITB Plugins. Yes, it’s all tools and a ‘choose your weapon’ scenario, but there are pieces that are still game changers.