Itb mixing worflow

Hi Tom!
I’m just curious what’s your actual Mix Rig, do you mostly working on Headphones? or do you still work with your ATCs. On the other hand are you full ITB? or do you still use the mixbus chain you had at electric lady?

Thank you!

hi Uziel
i mostly do not work on headphones
i have ATC 50s with dual subs and Neumann KH 80 for close range
i am currently using the Neve 5060 console which is an amazing piece of kit. it has 24 ins which is plenty and lots of ability to saturate
i have my original mix buss insert chain which is Curvebender into Manley Vari mu into Crane song a2d.
i am currently mixing a rock style album through the console and using my og vocal chain and bass chain thru hardware inserts.
a seperate project i’m mixing now is 100% in the box as i don’t desire for aesthetic purposes what the console offers…mentioned this before but its very much about what the music requires. anything acoustic with live drums etc i find i need hardware and console saturation to get what i am hearing in my head.
hope that helps