ITB vs console and hardware

Hey Tom,

thank you sharing your thoughts and spending time on answering questions on MWTM! I was hoping you could shed some light on the following:

  • Do you still use auratones after the initial balans?
  • Do you still make working balances ITB in a short period of time similar to working on a console? If so, have you have found ways that help speed up that part of the process ITB?
  • Have you found a replacement for your dbx 160’s you’re happy with ITB or are you not really missing the way they behave for what you do?

all the best and thank you for making mixes that feel amazing!


im not currently using my auratones. im using Neumann KH 80 as my small speaker. really like them. genrally speaking i would monitor quite loud on my ATCs at the beginning to get that initial balance and then spend most of the time on a smaller speaker for detailed work.
working in the box often means when i receive a session its already got a working balance so i go from there…its a different way to work. sometimes i will create a bunch of VCAs that control the principal groups. usually drums/bass/music/vocals and then i have the ability to play with balance. still have my dbx 160s and use them as hardware when needed!


Hey Tom,

thank you for your response! I was wondering if you would mind elaborating on the use of the ATC’s and small speakers?

In the Rolling in the deep MWTM video you did, do you remember if you also worked on the auratones during that session and if so, at what point?