Jaycen’s Template for Pro Tools

Hi there, I’m new to the community and trying to follow along with the video courses. Anyone able to upload a template for Pro Tools? Thx


Hi @Steven_Chung ,

Thank you for your post.

You are able to download templates and sessions here:

The video where Jaycen Joshua discusses about the template is filmed during his Paris Masterclass in June 2023. Jaycen was discussing with the 20 participants, which did exceptionally receive his template, and the video was taken as a “fly on the wall” approach.

There are a couple of posts in the community where people are discussing Jaycen’s template while trying to reconstruct it and we encourage that we check those out.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you!

The MWTM Team

Thank you for the response.

Hello Jaycen and MWM, I am unable to locate the JJ Pro Tools Template and Presets in the Downloads section of your webpage. I was hoping to follow along with the mentioned materials. Please help, thanks!