Just going for it

Hey there!
My name is Ryan Lau, I’m a producer in Nashville tn. I primarily write & produce pop music but am open to most anything.
This is a song that I worked on this past year.

I produced it but did not mix / master it. We hired out our mix/ master.
I don’t know if that discounts this post (if it’s primarily for mix feedback, etc) but I’m just going for it! (Ps, please don’t be mad at me moderators if I’ve broken some rule for doing this)

I’m going to put it out here and see if anyone has any feedback on the ideas, writing and production.

I’m ALWAYS looking to learn and get better so throw anything you have at me :slight_smile:
I just want to get better!

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Hey Ryan!

Hope you’re doing well.

After listening to your song, I really enjoyed the song & melody.
The guitar sounds great, dynamics are well handled with transitions.

My only comment is maybe have the drums pop a bit more, the low end can handle more.
Panning some percussions, have the snare/claps more compressed so they’re tighter.
Parallel processing with distortion so they have more body could help too.

Happy to discuss at any point, here’s my instagram : Aminezougui


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Thanks for this, I appreciate it!

Hey Ryan,
Overall really great song, the writing is very well done, the vocalist has a solid voice! A little Olivia Rodrigo style which is popular now a days. My only suggestion (If I had any) were 1. I agree with the comment above regarding some of the percussion and drum elements could stand out more, they were cool to hear but I didn’t feel/hear them as much as I would have liked in the mix in some parts. 2. There were moments where I couldn’t understand what the vocalist was singing. It was very slight and few, but it didn’t happen a couple of times, so I figured I’d mention that since songs like this are about the fans really singing along rather than other music that is more about a “vibe”. Hopefully that helps, but once again, really solid work! All the best, Adam

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Thanks Adam! The drums were a revision the artist wanted, she felt like it drowned out her vocals. A revision I & the mix engineer gave to make the artist happy :slight_smile: I appreciate your feedback, especially the vocal note too!

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