Keyboard into Preamp, DI or straight to console line inputs?

First post here. Be gentle… Interested in how people would run a Nord Stage 2 piano. I mostly use the grand, B3, Rhodes, Wurly, Clav, and occasionally the Synth. I feel like it’s very sterile just running it directly into my A&H GS-R24M’s line inputs. The built in Valve pres on the console don’t do seem to do it justice either. Not very exciting. Is a mic pre a good idea? A stereo DI? Tube or solid state? Any suggestions are welcome. Happy to purchase a new piece of gear for this purpose alone. Thanks for any and all input. Currently at my disposal…

Pres: A&H pres, Neve 1073, API 3124v, UA 2-610, SSL Xlogic Alpha, Chandler TG2.

DI: REDDI V2, Countryman 85S

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