Low End Depth and Smooth Vocals

I’m extraordinarily excited, you are easily one of my top mix engineers and I listen to the records you work on just to hear the mixes, so thank you for allowing us to ask you a questions.

When I listen to your mixes I always notice this bright smooth vocal that is compressed but silky. The low end booms but in a controlled way. The best way I can describe your mixes is that they are extremely modern, clean and punchy. My first question is how would you describe your sound?

Second I know you worked somewhat with Teezio, there is a record I can’t stop thinking about “Go Crazy” Chris Brown and Young Thug. Did you have a hand in this record as well? It slaps in such a way I didn’t know a record could. Could you give us some insight on what made the low end so special in that record if possible?

Thanks so much let me know if you need an assistant,

Thank you for ur kind words! On that particular record we mixed it like it was a hip
Hop record because Thug was on it and it ended up blowing up after and kinda crossing over and becoming pop… i feel like both Teezio and me feel like our mixes have gotten a-lot better since and constantly want to go back and change stuff on that one

I like to think of my stuff to have a solid low end and warm vocals that are clear but not too bright…