Low end - The Arc - Put a flower in your pocket

Hey Tchad!

Thank you so much for doing this. Big admirer of your work here!

I was wondering if you could tell us about how you got this HUGE low end on The Arcs Put a flower in your pocket.

And how do you keep your low end under control. It is massive but very consistent. Any tricks you could share?

Thanks and very best wishes.


Different approaches for different songs although I usually focus the lows and sub on the kick drum as opposed to the bass instrument. Sometimes it’s just some SansAmp with phase and hp filter manipulations but more often than not its a sample, usually a very pure machine sample to add to the existing kick (often with SansAmp on the kick sent via pre aux send), something with little character or distortion or overtones (808,909, techno etc). I reduce the dynamics on the sample and let that come from the real kick’s lo mids-hi’s.
I also filter below 20-30Hz on the mix buss. t


Thanks for your time and reply, Tchad.