Low end cut and true peak

Hi Chris! I always wonder. I generally dont do low cut on my 808 and kicks. However im seeing so many great engineers doing it. When we do low cut on those, the true peak raising pretty much. If i do this with lineer phase, i dont like the envelope its getting. Somebody said they are using a deesser trick to bring down, since the true peak mainly occupies on high frequencies. Whats your stand and thoughts on this? Thanks!

I’ve never heard of this technique. I understand what you’re saying but not sure if that would work in most cases. I find that there are so many dressers out there and they all have different characteristics that i think it would be hard to do this consistently (for me anyway)

My technique is to just EQ it and find a limiter setting that helps it. Sometimes it’s a filter , sometimes it’s a bell curve. Most of the time it’s a bell curve lol. High pass filters will definitely raise the true peak. Not something i like to deal with. Cutting and boosting in close proximity can work but there’s no real go to technique IMHO.

My Thoughts - I may give this a try and see if can get a good sound.
My Stance - whatever works for you and your clients love it , that’s a good thing.

Wish i could tell you more but this is new to me.
Will let you know when i try it.



Thank you so much for the detailed answer! Ive been trying this technique and also couldnt find a good outcome from it. I think its a little “overthinking technique” lol. Bell curves are really working and low shelves are also raising a little peak. I guess it needs different treatment each time for every mix. Cheers!