Mix feedback CLA

Hi MWTM and everyone else who is reading!

Here’s a mix I did a few months ago. My main problem, I think. Is that my mixes doesn’t have the depth of a professional record. Any inputs on how to practice that more?


Hi @Mari-Anna ,

The audio file does not play for me. Not sure if it is my computer or something with the file.



same here wont play for me

Maybe this works https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QLNQEPrYBQsDVkmhx8QWQFNUGM3WSNQY/view?usp=sharing

I tried again access denied …you needed to post a direct mp3 and confirm it played…links to google or dropbox…not good

Trying one last time here. Now it plays for me (wait a little for it to load) Hope this works for you! Thank you for your patience