Mix Feedback on Phil X and the Drills

Hi Chris, would love your thoughts on this on this one.


Wow there is something in the water around here. Everyone is balancing very well here at MWTM. I think the videos are paying off!

This interface is a little hard to work with, as I can’t replay the song after I open the reply box. This makes it hard to drill down very far.

I loved the innocent vibe to this. The mix felt, initially a little bit “indie” because of some slight tuning issues with the lead vocal. That did lower my expectations as the band came in fully, but I was delighted to hear a good balance and some power. I wonder if you can get a tiny bit more depth though, using some delay and reverbs, that are not heard as much as felt, to just liquify some of the guitars a bit more.

Great mix though! Great song. Again, it’s really difficult to write constructive feedback on a single listen…

Love it!