Pop/rock mix feedback

Hi all! New mwtm member here, loving this community feature! I’m closing up on my first ever mix for my own pop/rock band and was hoping to get some pointers from you all :slight_smile:

I find mixing low end and mixing the balance between hard hitting and ear piercing choruses, especially cymbals & guitars to be the hardest so any comments on that would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Eirik, nice mix! I like the width of it and the drum sound you went for. The low end is generally a bit lacking on my end, I’d like to hear the bass and the energy of the kick more, although the bass comes through at nice level right after the breakdown at 2:16 and at the very end. The choruses sound a bit too compressed to me, I feel like they’re lacking dynamics, but the balance sounds pretty good. On the creative side I would go for more depth with the vocal, probably by adding a longer reverb to what you already have. During the breakdown at 2:16 I would put that lead synth way up so it’s as loud or even louder than the vocal. That’s it for me. Have a good day!

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Thank you, Alex! Great feedback and I cant wait to try out your suggestions! :slight_smile:

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