Mixing Live Drums With the Jaycen Joshua System

Hey Jaycen,

Thank you for taking questions and for all of the knowledge you share. Your content has helped me improve my game so much already.

My question is how would you go about mixing acoustic drums using your system? In particular, you seem to send kick and snare to “C drums”. Would you also send the overheads and rooms to “c drums” or would you treat them separately? Additionally if you are treating the close mics and the OH and Rooms together, would you also still sum the drums with the bass together on the “drum and bass” bus or does the addition of the OH and Room change how you would approach?





Great question, Kevin,

I am also interested in knowing this approach. I am mixing a lot of acoustic drums at the moment too and was curious to know how Jaycen would go about it. My question would be about the Shadow Hills compressor specifically, would you lower the threshold to hit the kick with -1 of GR? Also, would you still group all audio tracks and lower or raise the level until you hit the SH’s with -1 or GR?


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