Modern Tracking quality

Hello, Tony. Based on your experience - do you feel it’s still vital to have a well tracked session, recorded in a good studio with some decent vintage mics or is that new concept of “getting the vibe” however possible is taking over? How often do you receive a session for mixing which is not a top notch quality tracking? Thank you

Hi Ilya,
Great question; honestly “getting the vibe” never went away. The only difference was there used to be plenty of money and importance on performance. With the modern techniques of recording and ‘repairing’ available, timing, groove, pitch, and arrangements, are all easily manipulated any which way. Thus no need for performance based recording. Though interestingly enough, modern techniques of recording in un-orthodox and basically semi-pro or home set ups, has become a sonic signature in various popular genre’s, such as Rap and Indie. Remember there’s no right way to record/producer/mix, we’re serving the song, the culture, the artist.

Do prefer tracks done by a professional engineer? Every Day Of The WEEK!! Does it, is it going to happen. Come on, that battle has been fought and lost many years ago. Let’s move on and make great sounding songs and capture the best performances with the best equipment the gig allows.

Good luck,