Speed and consistency

Hi Bainz thank you for doing this your episode is great !

Just wanted to ask if you had any advice for increasing speed whilst mixing but still maintaining the level of quality that you can be proud to put your name on?

How do you balance getting things done to a deadline but still experimenting with new techniques and gear?

Sometimes I feel like I’m taking too long trying things on a track and indulging myself but a lot of the times it will end up paying off and sounding a lot better for it. I guess my question is how do you balance experimentation and a more pragmatic or workhorse style in the demanding A-level that you’re working in.

Thank you.

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For me personally thats just something that came with time and also having great speakers and a room you trust…. I would find myself spending hours and hours on a single mix making changes every-time i went to the car and back… now that i trust my room and speakers the process has gotten way quicker and im more confident and purposeful in the moves i make…. Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for getting back to me on this! Very reassuring to hear your similar experience thank you for sharing. Confirming what I kind of thought, time for a speaker upgrade!

It really does help! Thank you again, I hope to see you back on MWTM soon!

Big up!