NAMM Day 3 - Ask your Questions to the Guest Speakers

Welcome to the official NAMM thread for Day 3, the 27th of January.

Watch the YouTube livestream replays here:

Our program for the day is as follows (all times are in PST):

Josh Gudwin

Rodaidh McDonald

Dave Pensado & Herb Track


Jaycen Joshua

Shawn Everett

Andrés Torres & Mauricio Rengifo

Jess Jackson

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Hi Guys! Is Shawn Everett gonna be having a talk as well?

@ShawnEverett Hi Shawn! What amps do you use for your NS10s and what Genelec subwoofer are you using with it?

@ShawnEverett Hey Shawn! Love your mixes, I feel like you play with panning to create depth and help the dynamics of a song grow. How do you counter balance hard panning mono signals without getting a lob sided mix what goes into these choices? Also your mix bus flow is one I feel like works well with my approach. As far as levels goes is there anyway you are metering pre master/post master? This creates so much depth in a mix and I love it! Cheers.

@Josh_Gudwin Hi Josh, hope you’re doing well!

What are some tips for stacking vocals? I’m trying to create a good support for the main lead vocal. I noticed in Pop genre, especially in songs where there’s a lot of things going on, that there’s typically one distinguished vocal that the average listener identifies and vibes with alongside the instrumental, but if you isolate the vocals you find out there are actually a lot of “unnoticed” layers underneath the lead, that help it cut through the mix and sound very powerful.

And as a second question, how do you stop all these vocal layers from getting in the way of the main lead vocal and just act as a support?

I’d appreciate some insight into both the recording of the vocals and the mixing side of things.

Thank you!

@Josh_Gudwin Hey Josh! I’m a big fan of your work. I would like to know how you can mix the vocals of a song that has only two vocal tracks, both from the same singer, and be able to differentiate each and make them work and not sound robotic when played together. Thanks.

Hi @shawneverett, with the approach of fearlessly affecting material, can you talk about some techniques you use when you have "over"cooked a sound to get them to fit in a mix?

Also I’ve heard in an interview that sometimes you will print stems and reorganize yourself to have a clean slate after mixing for awhile, can you talk about what makes you arrive at this moment where you need to do this and also about the process of how it’s done. Do you print through your mix bus in pro tools? Thanks!

@DavePensado&Herb Track. Hi! This question is more about philosophy. I heard a lot of time “make emotions in the mix, make vibe in the mix etc”. How do you understand this? By what means you can bring emotions inro the mix and blossom it? Regards, Vlad.

Hello Jaycen

Could you explain your process for processing vocals with the MCDSP multiband compressor? Are the crossover points of the frequencies always the same? or do you always adjust them differently depending on the vocals? And what do you pay attention to when you do that?

Thank you for your reply

Greetings Ivan

Hey @dave_pensado and @herb_track! Been loving the Pensado’s Place show for years now. I’m wondering, given you having gone from the days of big SSL consoles to a heavily in-the-box era of mixing, how should the aspiring engineer approach in-the-box mixing so that the overhead of choosing plugins and choice paralysis are removed, like back with analog? Thanks again, keep being the coolest of the cool😎

@Josh_Gudwin being the king of reverb in our modern day, any recommendations on how to better develop ones “reverb palette” and figure out which units or plugins to use on a faster basis to help streamline the mixing process? Thanks for your time!

@Jaycen_Joshua Hey Jaycen! I love all your mixes!
What’s your approach to mixing background vocals compared to mixing the lead vocal?
And do you have any tips for getting clear, present backgound vocals that have their own space and don’t clash with other elements in a more busy mix, but support the lead vocal?
Thank you!

Hey guys, it’s Javii, a huge fan here!
I’m wondering how you get that crispy sound for acoustic guitars in your ballads like Morat or Aitana without losing the guitar’s fullness. Also, I’m curious about the vocal processing for Cali y el Dandee. How do you make the vocals sound like they’re right in your face with lots of high frequencies but not too harsh? It’s like the transients has been boosted.
Love you guys!

Hey Andres and Mauricio! Diego Here.

I would like to know how do you send your final production to mixers like jaycen or Tom Norris. Do you send a ProTools session with your typically Premix on it so they can see what did you do or you only send a zip with the stems on it? or maybe both haha


@Jaycen_Joshua Hey jaycen, Big fan of your work.I have a general question about gain structure and gain staging.
I know that You have stage your levels when you start the mix but I keep finding myself changing the volumes throughout the mix and always thinking this should be quieter or louder.
Ans also how do you level your input gains when you start the mix?
Thanks for your time

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@joshgudwin what reverb do you usually use when working with Bad Bunny? Is it the Bricasti? What reverb did you use for the song on Quien Tu Eres from his first album??

Hello @ShawnEverett… big fan of yours… is there any technique you use while panning guitar delays? Any particular delay plugins that work well for this? Thanks, Bryan

Yo Jay. What type of saturator do you use?

@Jaycen_Joshua Hey man big fan of your art. When working on a project which some of the stems are already clipped or digitally distorted (a rack kick for example) wanted to ask how do you process it.